MiniBBS A different kind of imageboard


Easy installation Just upload the files and visit install.php.
Anonymity No manual registration, permanent names or public post history.
Posting Anonymous posters are distinguished as Anonymous A, Anonymous B, etc.
Post history Users can view all of their own previous posts.
Logging in If they wish, users can log into their ID/account by setting a username and password.
Tripcodes Secure or universal.
Image uploading Supports GD and ImageMagick (for animated thumbnails); can be disabled.
Searching Find posts and topics faster by searching for unique phrases.
Mark-up syntax Wiki-like syntax for styling posts, including syntax highlighting and tables. BBCode is also supported.
Post editing Subject to a configurable time limit. Edits by mods can be reversed.
Theming Users can choose one of several themes or create their own and share it.
Polls Use polls to survey members and collect information.
Stickies Stickied threads are placed permanently at the top of the board.
Locking Optional autolocking of long inactive topics (to prevent necrobumping).
Topic merging All merges are reversible.
Private messages One-on-one private conversations.
Ignore lists Hide posts based on keywords in the headline, body, name, tripcode or image hash.
Unread reply tracking Topics with new replies have (2 new) indicators.
Citation tracking Be notified when someone cites your post.
Watchlists Be notified when someone replies to a topic you've chosen to watch.
Activity See how many people are browsing the board.
Pagination Topics are split into pages based on the user's configuration.
Bans Ban based on IP address or account, with reasons, lengths and appeals. Range bans (using CIDR notation or wildcards) are also supported.
Post deletion All deleted posts can be restored and remain visible to their author.
Mod log All mod actions are recorded in a detailed public mod log.
CMS A simple way to create and manage static pages on your site (rules, FAQ, etc.)
Statistics Post rates and other interesting data.
Custom menu Users and admins can choose what links appear in the header.
Bulletins Short messages displayed once on the index.
DEFCON Quickly stop attacks on the board.
Proxy detection Proxy users will be required to whitelist their ID by completing a CAPTCHA.
Reporting Report posts to the mods for review.
Message manager Admins can edit text from the interface without touching a file.
Mobile mode Adapts for easy mobile browsing.